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An adoption can provide a child with stability, love, and a sense of belonging, in addition to creating legal rights and obligations that otherwise would not exist.

Adoption can create a legal bond to match the existing emotional bond if a single parent in a long-term relationship with a new partner adopts a child and the new partner already behaves like a parent.

It can be a difficult decision for a biological parent to relinquish their child’s rights if that is part of the adoption process. We provide a non-judgmental environment in which biological parents can talk about current and future child rights.

It is crucial for everyone involved – both adults and children – to grasp how they will be impacted.

Types Of Adoption In Alberta

In Alberta, adoption can be done privately or through the public system. International adoption is also becoming more common. 

Public Adoption

A public adoption is a child who, for a variety of reasons, cannot be cared for by their biological family is adopted. There are many fantastic children in the system who are seeking a family that can give them a safe and loving home. 

Public adoptions are subject to the rules of the province in which the child resides. In Alberta, the family or individual wishing to adopt a child in care must be approved by Alberta Children’s Services and must meet certain criteria to ensure that the needs of the child or children will be met.

Private Adoption

A private adoption occurs when a child or children are adopted through a private agreement between the biological parents and the adoptive family, or when a relative (step-parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or cousin) takes in a relative.  

It also includes adoption through a private licensed adoption agency which will often have its own criteria to ensure that a child or children are placed with a loving and caring adoptive parent who is best able to ensure that the child’s needs are met.

International Adoption

More and more international adoptions are occurring as loving parents look beyond national boundaries to provide sanctuary to children in need of stable, caring families. 

Adoptions across international boundaries are especially complex and subject to safeguards and procedures to ensure the well-being of the child, the biological parents, and the adopting family. 

Prior to beginning the process of adopting a child, you must consider various concerns, including the child’s age and whether or not you will accept a child with special needs. 

Adoption can occur between related family members. This includes stepchild adoption and adoption of close family members. We are caring and compassionate family lawyers with a wealth of experience in handling family legal matters like adoptions. 

Creating New Family Relationships

At Kurie Moore Law Group, our experienced family law team can help guide you through whichever adoption process.

Getting help from a lawyer vastly increases your chances of a successful adoption. There are a number of documents that must be presented to the court. It is possible for certain parties to object to adoptions. You may have to navigate court hearings.

Our lawyers will answer all of your questions and help you with documentation, interviews, and home studies if necessary. We will work to deal with any complications quickly and efficiently so that your family can move forward.

How We Can Help

At Kurie Moore Law Group, our experienced family law team can assist you in adopting a child, step-child, or an adult child, in the Province of Alberta.

Adoption can be an exciting time in a family’s life but can also come with headaches and uncertainty if the proper process is not followed.

Let the Kurie Moore Law Group help you understand the Adoption process. Contact our offices today.