Leduc Criminal & Family Lawyers

Finding the right lawyer for your unique situation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team members have spent years practicing in a broad range of legal fields, so we have the knowledge and expertise to find the best solution for you. Our law team is based in Sherwood Park but travels throughout Alberta, defending our clients’ best interests.

Kurie Law Group delivers strategic legal advice and services for both family and criminal law issues professionally and cost-effectively.

At Kurie Law Group, we take the time to fully understand each unique matter presented to us by a client in need of assistance. We want our clients to understand their options and make well-informed decisions regarding the progress of their case. Together with our clients, we strive to get the best result possible, whether through trial or settlement, mediation or arbitration, litigation, or dialogue.

Our Family Law Services

We support our clients in many traditional family law areas, including separation and divorce; property and debt division; child and spousal support; guardianship, parenting time and mobility; and cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements.

leduc lawyerChild Custody and Guardianship

Our team is committed to assisting with your child custody & guardianship issues in the Leduc area.

Child Support Lawyers

Our family lawyers are committed to assisting with your child support and extraordinary expenses. We always put the children’s needs first and ensure that they are taken care of while working towards a lasting resolution for you.

Caring Divorce Lawyers in Sherwood Park

Our family lawyers are dedicated to helping you resolve your divorce issues and, if need be, navigate the Court system, ensuring that you do not feel lost or overwhelmed with the legal process.

Parenting, Access, and Visitation

Maximizing time with your children is a common issue that can arise between parents during a separation. The Kurie Law Group family law team is committed to assisting you with applying for access and assisting with changes to your parenting arrangements.

Separation Agreements

Our team understands that separating from your spouse or common-law partner can be stressful. When going through a separation, Kurie Law Group’s experienced family law team can help draft an agreement that is fair and is enforceable in court.

Spousal Support Lawyer In Leduc

Our team of lawyers is here to help you determine if you will get or pay spousal support, how long you will be paying or receiving spousal support, and the amount of spousal support you may pay or receive.

Our legal team has decades of experience in helping individuals through the family law legal system. Our lawyers can provide counsel through all phases of the process.

Our Criminal Law Services

Our criminal lawyers are committed to the defense of individuals in the Leduc area that are accused of serious criminal and regulatory charges by offering sound, straightforward, and thorough legal advice.

Leduc Criminal LawyerExperienced Assault Lawyer in Leduc

Kurie Law Group’s criminal team understands the law and takes your charges seriously. Our team has a results-driven approach when defending you from assault charges.

DUI & Impaired Driving Lawyer in Leduc

The consequences of an impaired driving conviction can be severe, but with Kurie Law Group advocating for you, you will increase the odds of a successful defense.

Drug Offenses

Kurie Law Group’s law firm knows your rights and has experience defending the full range of offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Bail Hearings

Kurie Law Group’s criminal law team has successfully advocated for numerous clients at both bail hearings and bail reviews in front of the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Defending your rights is not just about understanding the law. We believe it is also essential to understand your particular circumstances, your history, and your priorities. We will take the time to meet with you and listen to your story so we can better represent you.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Leduc, you need legal advice. Our team of Leduc criminal lawyers has defended thousands of criminal cases at all levels of court in Alberta.

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Kurie Law Group’s highly skilled and passionate lawyers are proud to offer our criminal, family law and wills & estates lawyer services in Leduc.