Edmonton Criminal Lawyers

Edmonton Criminal lawyers

Few experiences are as scary and potentially life-changing as being confronted with a criminal charge. The outcomes for your personal or professional life can be significant.

If you are confronted with a criminal charge, there is a lot on the line. Your personal or professional life can change significantly in just an instant. 

Few experiences are as traumatic and potentially life-changing as being addressed with a criminal charge. The outcomes for your personal or professional life can be significantsuch as:

  • Loss of employment,
  • Loss of family and friends,
  • Loss of immigration status,
  • Loss of opportunity, and
  • Loss of personal self-worth.

It is important to remember that you are presumed innocent throughout this process and that you are doing the right thing by exploring your legal options.

Our criminal defence lawyers have years of experience defending serious and difficult criminal cases that often result in charges being withdrawn or successfully resolved. 

We are here to level the playing field or better yet, turn the odds in your favour. To begin with, we will make sure you are aware of your rights and defense options. We will work with you to uncover and analyze every aspect of your case so that you know every detail of the accusations against you.

It’s not just about knowing the law when it comes to defending your rights. Understanding your story is also of utmost importance to us. Our clients have unique needs, and our services are tailored to fit their needs. We will always meet with you to understand your unique circumstances and priorities in order to best represent you.

We are devoted to criminal law and are fully invested in those we represent. No matter what the situation, we never lose sight of what our clients want. In addition, we will keep you updated every step of the way with open lines of communication.